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Outdoor LCD Cooling System

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As we all knows , the cooling system is very important for outdoor digital signages. If without cooling system, the outdoor screens can’t display content normally. If without cooling system, the outdoor screens will not working normally. If without cooling system, the outdoor screen will get black spots .
If without cooling system, the outdoor screen will be broken by overheating for long time. So  outdoor cooling system is vital for outdoor screen equipment. Marvel designed their own cooling system, they make outdoor advertising player screen comes with ventilations holes in up and down. The down ventilations is for sucking cooling air into the screen, the up ventilation holes is for exhausting hot air out. And the cooling air will blow the heating in the surface of the LCD panel via the cooling air going through the front space of LCD panel.Besides Marvel build up intelligent temp management module inside the outdoor screen,when the inside temp is up, the cooling fans will speed up , otherwise ,the cooling fans speed will slow down or keep constant speed to make screen with low power consumption. What is the most important that Marvel also has configure the outdoor digital signage with filter detective percentage sensor, the sensor will tell you how’s the status of the filer block percentage. As our more than 12 years experience of outdoor digital signage, we know if the filter is blocked, the cooling system will break down. That’s why all of our outdoor screen builds up OMC to monitor the outdoor signs. And the OMC can control the screen to do self-diagnosis when distributed to different location.And users are free to know the status of all screens easily whenever and wherever they are. For the cooling system can be used outdoor screens, And marvel can provide the API and all kinds of sensors  to detect the environmental data. 
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